Want sugar substitutes that taste and bake like sugar? Sugar Twin comes in delicious varieties that you can use every day as your regular sugar substitutes. Bake with it, cook with it and add it to your favorite drinks.

Sugar Twin® Artificial Sweeteners

  • Sugar Twin® Stevia Sachets (100)

    Sugar Twin Stevia Sachets are perfect for people who are constantly on the go. Throw a few sachets in your purse or pocket and sweeten drinks and foods while out with friends or traveling.

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  • Sugar Twin® Stevia Granulated White Sweetener (110g)

    Want a great sugar taste without the guilt? Stevia Granulated White Sweetener looks and tastes like real sugar. Available in bulk pourable loose grain, our new Sugar Twin Stevia is perfect for those who want a great sugar taste without the calories.

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  • Sugar Twin® Sucralose Sachets (200)

    People that are on the go need products that can fill their active lifestyle. That’s why you’ll love Sugar Twin Sucralose Sachets. Easy to fit just about anywhere, you will never be without your favorite sweetener.

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  • Sugar Twin® Sucralose Granulated White Sweetener (275g)

    Sugar Twin Sucralose is the perfect alternative to sugar, without the calories. Try the pourable granulated white sweetener in all of your baking, or use as an alternative in recipes that call for sugar.

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  • Sugar Twin® Sachets

    Sweetness anytime, anywhere. That is what Sugar Twin® sachets provide. Sprinkle in your favorite beverage, over fruit or even sweeten up a savory restaurant dish. Our sachets are perfect for those on the go.

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  • Sugar Twin® Liquid Sweetener (200ml)

    Want the fastest and easiest way to sweeten drinks and sauces? Unlike real sugar, Sugar Twin® Liquid Sweetener provides a quick, sweet pick me up with just a few drops. Use it in your favourite recipes or drink mixes for great sugar-like taste.

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  • Original Granulated Brown Pouch

    Tastes Like Sugar! Spoonable Ideal for Baking & Sweetening Measures Like Sugar / Equivalent Sweetness to 565g of Brown Sugar

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