Layman’s Guide to Specialty Coffee

coffee cupsAll across the globe coffee drinkers unite in a daily ritual that brings warmth and bright eyes to the masses.  Coffee is a universal way for us to get together, see old friends and work through a long business meeting.  Dark, light, bold, and through a multitude of flavors coffee speaks a universal language to each and every corner of our world.  Over the last several years we have seen an influx of different coffee traditional integrated into our local coffee shops and grocery stores.  Now specialty coffees are not just an experience while traveling, or visiting new lands.  For coffee aficionados, most know the difference between the types of different specialty coffees.  However for the layman, walking into a coffee shop can be a little bit daunting.  Here’s some help.


The espresso comes straight from Italy where it is known to be drink shared among friends morning and evening.  Espresso is known for its extremely bold taste as the brew is made with a restricted amount of water.  The dark, robust flavor is a favorite among serious coffee drinkers. However, this rich flavor can be found with coffee drinkers that want to increase their caffeine content.  Feeling sleepy or just love a bold coffee?  Drink espresso alone, or add a shot to your favorite hot or even cold beverage.


Cappuccino is known for its sweet and light body and of course, that delicious foam.  This drink is prepared by using equal parts of espresso with hot milk and steamed foam.  The milk is added to the espresso at which time the mixture brings forth the light and sweet flavor combination.  Foam is spooned on to the top of the drink and acts as an added treat.


To unsuspecting eyes, a latte and cappuccino might look identical.  Both drinks have espresso combined with hot milk and a foam top.  However, what some might not know is that lattes typically contain two shots of espresso combined with hot milk and less foam than cappuccinos.  The latte is a lightly colored, yet bold drink that is very rich and typically is consumed during the morning hours.


Macchiato, also known as café macchiato, is another bold rich drink that uses espresso for amazing flavor.  The macchiato differs from other specialty coffees in that it combines a higher Espresso content with a small amount of hot milk.  There is no foam used in a macchiato, which yields a dark, robust drink.

One of the best and most exciting ways to explore different coffees is by giving a try to each one.  You may be surprised to find that your taste buds may prefer a light specialty coffee, such as a latte when you thought dark and robust was your preference.  For those who love the rich taste of these coffees, but don’t love the high calorie or sugar content, supplementing with sweeteners such as Sugar Twin, will allow you to still love your coffee and love your waistline.