How to Transform a Meal with Fruit Chutney

Fruit chutney is a preserve that is meant to pair with cheese and cold meat in order to bring out an immense amount flavor. Simple to make, this sweet and punchy fruit condiment is widely available throughout the United States. To appreciate chutney, one must understand the origin of the classic condiment.

Chutney is a blanketed term that refers to a variety of condiments and spicy relishes that first appeared in Indian cooking. The type of chutney made is conditional on the season in which ingredients are available. Because of this, a large variety of chutney was born. While traditional Indian cuisine recognizes chutney as more of a condiment or side dish, its traditional roots and uses in Western cooking merged when chutney was introduced to Western Europe as a condiment made from sweet mangos.

Fruit chutney is more commonly seen and made in the United States. This chutney combines fruits, sugar, and vinegar that are cooked in a large pan until the sugar is dissolved. The mixture then reduces down to a syrupy, thick consistency with no liquid leftover. Sugar Twin Granulated Packets are the perfect substitute for sugar when making fruit chutney. The longer the chutney is left to mature, the more complex the flavors become.

Chutney is a wonderful addition to many dishes. Known as a flavor booster for meats and cheeses, a variety of chutneys can be made from just about any fruit you can get your hands on.

Try these fun ways to incorporate fruit chutney into your next meal:

  • Spread your favorite flavor fruit chutney on bread with a dab of cream cheese.
  • Mix chutney with your favorite sandwich spreads, such as mayonnaise.
  • Pack your Panini with flavor by adding the chutney to your next grilled sandwich.
  • Enhance your gamey meats with fruit chutney that brings out the rich flavor.
  • Glaze your meats while roasting to infuse flavor right into the meat.
  • Start your morning with a simple scone topped with chutney spread.

Don’t shy away from trying something new when it comes to fruit chutney. Combining your favorite flavors can help you discover and entirely new way of eating. Surprise your guests at your next gathering with this condiment that can become a must have on every table.