Sugar Twin Recipes

Recipes with Sugar Twin®

Join us in a cooking adventure as Sugar Twin® embarks on a journey to bring the most delicious sugar-like taste to your cooking. Our recipe page is filled with a multitude of flavors that make cooking fun.  Adding Sugar Twin® to your cooking sweetens up any dish.

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    • Pear & Apricot Preserves

      Make preserves easy and in your own kitchen, with pear and apricot!

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    • Apricot Bars with Chips

      Fruity apricots and chocolate chips together!

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    • Tropical Ambrosia

      Apples, celery, and nuts with oranges, shredded coconut and fruit juices!

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    • Tropical Macaroons

      Macaroons with a twist!

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    • Old Fashioned Ginger Ale

      Authentic ginger ale you can make at home!

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    • Old Fashioned Cream Soda

      This old-time recipe is like being at an old fashioned soda fountain!

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