Sugar Twin Recipes

Recipes with Sugar Twin®

Join us in a cooking adventure as Sugar Twin® embarks on a journey to bring the most delicious sugar-like taste to your cooking. Our recipe page is filled with a multitude of flavors that make cooking fun.  Adding Sugar Twin® to your cooking sweetens up any dish.

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    • Chocolate Brownies with Nuts

      A hearty brownie for any dessert enthusiast

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    • Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs

      A cocktail meatball made with cranberry sauce, pureed tomatoes and SugarTwin®.

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    • Cranberry Relish

      A tangy cranberry relish for any occasion

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    • Toast with Cinnamon & Sugar

      Just like grandma used to make

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    • Checkered Cherry Squares

      Made with a light, fluffy pastry dough and shaped into little checkered squares

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    • Chocolate Truffles

      A great little crown pleasing chocolate dessert

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    • Hot Melting Double Chocolate Cake

      What could be better than chocolate and melting chocolate, together!

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    • Chocolate Chip Cookies

      Old fashioned chocolate chip cookies

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    • Double Chocolate Brownies with Pecans

      Double chocolate brownies with pecans or almonds!

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    • Chocolate Chip Blondies with Pecans

      Blondie’s with pecans and chips – yummy!

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    • Chocolate Cheesecake

      Cheesecake with flavors of real chocolate

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    • Asian-style Chicken Salad

      A delicious medley of flavors including fresh broadleaf cabbage, chicken and slices of mandarin orange

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